Sony Xperia S Smartphone

This one is one of the new kids on the block. Sony launched the XPERIA S with style and neat design in mind. It forms part of the Xperia NXT range and many would say this is by far and away the best in the series. I for one certainly agree. You must remember the Sony Ericsson phone? This is the successor to that phone, which was a favourite for many of us for many a year around two or three years ago.

The Sony Xperia S has many all singing and all dancing features but the first thing that caught my eye was the giant screen. Packing a 4.3-inch screen display this becomes a beauty when you may want to playback your videos, watch a YouTube stream or even go on the BBC iPlayer and watch a full length program in the same way you would watch television. What a wonderful way to pass the time on those long coach journeys going north.

The Sony Xperia S is an Android phone, so at your disposal are the thousands of apps that you can upload to your phone. However, I am going to say a little more about the fascinating display screen; it is a beauty with high definition technology. The screen resolution is also so tight and crisp that it is more than likely better than your television you are watching right now. The pixel resolution proudly boasts 1280 x 720 and that is sharp, let me tell you! I found the Sony Xperia S much weightier than the Samsung Galaxy Ace or the Galaxy S range phones but that would be down to its thickness. It is thicker than some of the Samsung slim line smartphones but it will still comfortably slip into your pocket with no trouble at all as it is still only just 10.6 millimeters in thinness.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung has added to the range of phones in the Galaxy realm by adding an updated version of the ultra-successful Samsung Galaxy Ace. It is definitely a middle of the market phone with many great features but a few that I would certainly quibble about. The browser I found to be cumbersome and a little awkward and limited in capacity. It did not seem to have enough beef when trying to access the net when using GPS, although it was very quick on Wi-Fi.

This is an Android phone and I found it to be very strange that the latest version on its operating system was not installed. It uses the 2.3 v as opposed to the later and faster 4.0 v. The apps it promotes are Samsung apps and not the Android apps, although it is not difficult to access Android apps via the Play Store. It does however have a fantastic touch screen which measured healthy 3.8-inches. This is perfect for viewing those videos or playing games or even just watching YouTube videos.